Urdu is our national language

Another important field where a lot of work needs to be done is cyberspace.

Importance Of Urdu As A National Language

Turkic languages previous colonial and immigrant languages Turkic languages were used by the ruling Turco-Mongols such as the Mughals and earlier Sultans of the subcontinent. Last point, one of the hilarious moment though occur when people try to copy the British accent with their crooked mouth.

Our uniqueness is gone. The Pakistani diaspora living in the Middle East has further increased the number of people who can speak Arabic in Pakistan.

So see how much you are reliable over the consultancy of language. Khawaja showed the constitution to those at the helm of affairs that Urdu needs to revive and it should be used as the national and official language of Pakistan.

Otherwise, we should seek from China that how much they astonish their own language and prohibit other Urdu is our national language like English to be written even on their products. The Supreme Court judgment does not discourage use of English language, it just wants to ensure the use of Urdu for the benefit of a common Pakistani so that he can understand the document related to him or understand what his leader is speaking at large.

The Beijing dialect of Mandarin and Guangzhou dialect of Cantonese were each proposed as the basis for a national language for China. Quebec nationalists consider Quebec French the language of the Quebec nation.

Apart from the debate of language my core writing over the Urdu language just wants to take some of your few minutes to think about the impotency of Urdu language in our life. Arabic is taught as a religious language in mosquesschoolscollegesuniversities and madrassahs. Others include illegal immigrants who migrated from Bangladesh after Our schools, colleges, and universities must adopt Urdu as the official language so we could refrain from English language intruders.

Similarity and homogeneity do not necessarily mean superiority. Saraiki is the first language of about 20 million people in Pakistan, its territory ranges across southern Punjabparts of southern Khyber Pakhtunkhwaand some border regions of northern Sindh and eastern Balochistan.

Pakistan: Should ‘Urdu’ Be The National Language?

Khawaja showed the constitution to those at the helm of affairs that Urdu needs to revive and it should be used as the national and official language of Pakistan. It is worth mentioning that countries like China, Russia, Japan, Germany, Spain and some other developed nations use their national languages at national and international level.

So much so, that some parents will be quite alright with their child being unable to read the headline of an Urdu newspaper.

Support Urdu as the official language of Pakistan

Drawing from the opinions of such parents, schools also try to comply with the wishes of the parents. The National Education Policy declares in article 3. It is becoming a vicious cycle, which can only be broken through austere efforts.

Many of us there were speaking in our mother tongues that others could not understand, but Urdu served as a common denominator. More recently the English-clad internet and frequent text-messaging with roman Urdu by our youth has only obliterated the situation more but a few scholars do not believe so as they consider roman Urdu a blessing for generations settled in the west.

Support Urdu as the official language of Pakistan

It is becoming a common misconception that not much is to be gained in the future by studying Urdu. Language change Pakistanis are a diverse bunch and the differences in dialect, dress, food and traditions that pop up every few hundred miles are there to be appreciated not suppressed.

Urdu course books with interesting storyline and colourful pictures along with easily comprehendible vocabulary are introduced to keep the students engaged yet not too occupied with Urdu.

It is widely used, both formally and informally, for personal letters as well as public literature, in the literary sphere and in the popular media.

Our National Language The other day I was travelling in the bus and there was this Afghan teenager sitting beside me.Urdu is the national language of Pakistan as declared by Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and later on specified clearly in the st section of the Constitution of Pakistan. The verdict was announced by Justice Jawad S.

Khawaja, who not only implemented it first by announcing and writing the judgment in Urdu but he also took oath as Chief Justice of Pakistan in the national language on August 17, Urdu: Urdu is the National language of Pakistan and the most spoken in the Country.

Mostly governmental sectors used Urdu in documentation. Mostly governmental sectors used Urdu in documentation.

National language

In schools, colleges and universities all the courses and the history in Urdu Language. Origin of the Urdu Language: The national language of the Pakistani people or our ‘qaumi zuban’ is interestingly, one that most of us learn as a second language.

Unlike our first language, it is learnt primarily as a written phenomenon. Pakistan is dropping English as its official language and switching to Urdu, a popular language in the Indian subcontinent.

Languages of Pakistan

The long-rumored change was confirmed by Pakistani Minister of Planning. While the official language is English mainly and French, Creole, a French derived dialect, is spoken by the majority of the population and is considered as the national language.

Mauritius multicultural ethnicity made that other ancestral language such as Hindi, Tamil, Chinese, Urdu or Bhojpuri are also Save Paper; 31 Page; Words; Psychological. A national language is a language "The National language of Pakistan is Urdu, and arrangements shall be made for its being used for official and other purposes within fifteen years from the commencing day." Although Urdu has been declared an official language, so far all government documents.

Urdu is our national language
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