Sullivan ford auto world study questions

Low work force 5. According to the survey, the company lacks efficiency in repairing cars; they may use benchmarking to see how their competitors operate on this part of the operational process and improve their own operations.

The company could also analyse the process of how their competitors obtain such output and compare it with their own operational process to enhance the competitiveness of their organization. On the other hand, service is intangible making it hard for the customers to visualize what will actually happen if they avail the service.

In service, money, time and effort are exchange for labor or skills, but the ownership of the goods is not in the picture. Employees who frequently interact with customers should be trained to improve their interpersonal skills in order to be more accommodating, polite and to be more knowledgeable on how to solve and address customer inquiries and complains.

She can sell the business but will probably only return a value below what it might be worth if profitable or she can look at the operation and see if she can turn it around herself.

Also, as it takes time to service the car and doing without the car may inconvenience the customer, they may have a negative perception before the process starts. Walter had bought a Ford dealership in that eventually grew into what is now Sullivan Ford Auto World.

Also, the customer is either given an instant quotation for routine work or will contacted with a quotation so this should make billing clear. When it comes to the car service, the customer may not know anything about car mechanics but will know how they feel after and if they are happy with the car.

Larry Winters is vital here. You could end with a car that has problems but this is reasonably rare. He may seek testimonials from others and depend more on word of mouth.

Modern and well-maintained equipment 2. Therefore, it is essential that the servicing is kept working in order to generate turnover.

The nine-month survey findings disturbed her. Alternative Courses of Action 1. She also needs to employ more mechanics to utilise the equipment and have the service department working to capacity.

The car service on the other hand, is intangible.

Case Sullivan Ford Auto World – Marketing Services

Poor service work order process Traditional way of serving customers WO-Strategy 1. These are qualities he can use his five senses to evaluate. Prepare a flow chart of the servicing of a car that requires repair or maintenance. Decision After analysing the current situation of Sullivan Ford auto World, the best course of action they could consider doing is to initiate employee trainings and seminars.

They also try to understand and monitor how the competitors promote their products in the market to try to make a better promotional campaign to gain a competitive advantage.

Manufacturers often try to price their products right, in the respect of the value the customer perceive in their product, along with the competitors pricing of their products. This seems like an old style office plan and not acceptable in modern day car dealing.

But Sullivan would hope that when they sell a car, this customer will come back regularly to have their car serviced. Price — In this case study we are not told that the price is affecting the number of customers that avail of it.

These trainings and seminars could also help the company to increasing the quality of work and productivity of every employee in the service department.

The service department people feel uncomfortable bringing people over to the service bays so that does not seem hospitable.

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He cannot have a pre-purchase experience. The customer here would hope that their car is safe while on the premises for the service and when not being worked on by the service people, that it would be parked in a safe place and manner.

Where there is an issue is the explanation of the work, how much it will cost and will it work on first attempt and not be a recurring cost.

Sullivan Ford Auto World Report - Discussing Marketing in the Service Industry

One expects that the driver is experienced enough to know how the car feels and also would be aware of their expectations. Case #9: Sullivan Ford Auto World Services Marketing Taguinod, Joivy S. Tayao, Ruth C. Case Study #9: Sullivan Ford Auto World I. Overview Sullivan Ford Auto World is owned and founded by Walter Sullivan.

Unfortunately, he died and his eldest daughter, Carol Sullivan-Diaz, a health care. Assignment Help >> Other Subject.

Sullivan Ford Case Study

Read case study (Sullivan Ford Auto World) and answer below questions: Question 1: With reference to the case study, provide one example with a paragraph of not more than 5 lines, which clearly illustrates a link between topics or concepts drawn from at least 2 modules you have studied.

Overview Background Competitors Service innovation The consequences Advantage gained by implementing innovation Competitors Located close to Sullivan Ford Auto World. Description: Undergraduate writing level 1 page Business and Marketing Format Style English (U.S.) Case Study.

Case 1 Sullivan Ford Auto World. Case Study: Sulivan Ford Auto World 1) The marketing involved in marketing cars is that of the marketing of manufactured products (pg. 27). Marketing a product has distinct procedures and guidelines and is also structured in a completely different manner to the marketing of services (pg.

Sullivan Ford Case Study

27). Sullivan Ford Auto World Study Questions Essay high-ceilinged, each vehicle is polished to a high sheen, the sales representatives are doing well, Sullivan Diaz himself, was a perfect sales man, who just adored the process of selling a vehicle, he represented the promotional tool, advertisement and so far everything necessary to grab.

Sullivan ford auto world study questions
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